The opening graphic during the Cold Fear video.

Five Dollar Gaming is a video game review show hosted by SCXCR.  Any games he purchases for five dollars (before taxes) or less are candidates to appear on the show, where they are judged not only on their own merits but also whether they're worth the price paid for them.


The following is a list of episodes of Five Dollar Gaming, in chronological order:

Episode # Game Price Worth It? Notes
1 Evergrace (PS2) $2.99 No
2 Apocalypse (PS2) $4.06 Yes Guest Star: wizwar100
3 Urban Chaos (DC) $0.99 No Guest Stars: Blondeguygamer, AngelHalo, ShadowSnake123
4 Heatseeker (PS2) $2.00 Yes
5 The Pagemaster (SNES) $2.40 No
6 Musashi: Samurai Legend (PS2) $3.85 Yes
6 War Gods (N64) $1.99 No
7 James Bond Jr. (SNES) $1.49 No
8 Cold Fear (PS2) $4.99 Yes

Guest Stars: Tom Hansen, Blondeguygamer

9 Tony Hawk Ride (PS3) $3.00* No * - The game cost $1, but the board came with Shred which cost $3 together.  The board is assumed to cost $2.
10 Tony Hawk Shred (PS3) $3.00* No * - The game and board together cost $3. The game is assumed to cost $1 and the board $2.
11 WarTech: Senko no Ronde (360) $5.00 No * - $5 Canadian, which is around $3.85 US.
12 Dual Heroes (N64) $2.95 No
13 Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball (SNES) $3.00 No
14 Cy Girls (PS2) $2.00 No
  • Technically two separate discs with their own similar games. Judged separately as $1 games.