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Onirokaku (otherwise known as *BEEP*) is a game reviewer for RiverCityGamers; an avid wrestling fan, and Co-Host on MJ Knight's "RawDown Rebound".

"If I learned anything in my life, it's this: Impact Wrestling sucks and I SERIOUSLY need better taste in games. At least quit spending on BAD ones."


Oni started making videos in 2007 under another username. He had two shows at the time: a review show and a rant show. For him, he tried, but he was like other reviewers with webcams and needed improvement. He took numerous breaks and sometime down the road, he retired the rant show and put his old review show on hiatus. Because of it, he did numerous other things. One of them was joining MJ Knight on preview and post panels for WWE's main four pay-per-views.

RawDown ReboundEdit

In August of 2011, Oni (in his old username) and MJ Knight made Rawdown Rebound: a show that covered the week in wrestling from WWE's Raw, Smackdown and - sadly - TNA Impact. After Season 2 of the show, he "quit" due to his lack of interest in covering TNA. Starting Season 3, he returned as OniRokaku - his "evolved" form. Yet, TNA still continued until the middle of Season 4. As of today, RawDown Rebound still goes strong with a new home at RiverCityGamers as it begins to end Season 4 and soon begin Season 5.

The Arcade RoomEdit

After RawDown Rebound joined RiverCityGamers, Oni decided it was time to do game reviews again - but instead of what's been done already, he wanted to try something new. On December 5th, 2012, he created The Arcade Room: a show that would only cover DLC games from the XBOX Live Arcade; Playstation Network; Wiiware; Virtual Console; Windows Phone, and Steam. His first review was of Sonic The Fighters. In Jan 10th 2013, Oni made his second review of The Arcade Room called Dash Of Destruction, which is considered the shortest review in RCG history.

The Wrestlemania RetrospectiveEdit

In 2013, after Wrestlemania 29, Oni launched the Wrestlemania Retrospective: a review of all 29 Wrestlemanias until Wrestlemania 30. After 30 releases on DVD, Oni will review Wrestlemania 30.

Other CrapEdit

Prior to reviews and RawDown Rebound, Oni was an "on-again, off-again" voice actor. He has had several roles, including Sonic and Mario for Flash Work; King DeDeDe on Tigura's "Smash King"; Roger Van de Weide's "IMP" series as Bustin, and his only front page flash VA role as Kit Fisto for "Star Wars Sith Confrontation Again".


  • The Insane S.O.B
  • The Sophisicated Redneck
  • Oni-San
  • Oni
  • The Biggest Mouth in River City Gamers