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RiverCityGamers (RCG) is a small group of gamers spread across the United States and Canada.  It was formed in January of 2009 on YouTube by its four founding members: WizWar100, WellUnreal007, Blondeguygamer, and Yashanyu1.  Over time Yasha fell into inactivity and retired as an active member while other YouTubers joined the channel.  AngelHalo, ShadowSnake123, Zeromaster and SCXCR would all contribute to the group and/or just create shenanigans on Skype or in multiplayer online games.

RiverCityGamers officially launched its own website via wordpress in July of 2012.  A couple months later the group would add gaming and pro wrestling enthusiast Onirokaku to the site.  Shortly thereafter Nightman39 also joined.

In late 2013 Onirokaku's RAWDown Rebound co-host MJ Knight would join the site as well as long-time fan and friend of RCG Amayirot Akago.  The two of them would become the first European contributors from the site.

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